Importance Of Using Protection During Sex

Better to be sure than to feel sorry-yes; this goes well for practicing protected or safe sex too. Instead of feeling remorseful after being careless and overconfident while indulging in sex, it is the sign of the wise people to take precautions and plan well.

Importance of safe sex

Peer pressure

condomThe first and most important ingredient that goes into the recipe of safe sex is not comparing you to others by saying, “when everyone around me is doing it, why can’t I?” This is the first step that guides you onto the wrong path of adopting unprotected sex in place of safe sex.

Even though you may have heard of the serious drawbacks attached to free sex, sometimes, you may be tempted to take things for granted. For example, you might feel safe, led by the feeling of monogamy. Agreed that monogamous partners are safer compared to multiple sexual partners, yet the danger is still not completely won over.


Your single partner may be infected and pass on the same to you. The reasons may be hiding of truth about their past or simply that they might not be aware of the infection hidden within their system themselves. But sadly, in both the cases, you are highly likely to contract the infection when you participate in sexual activity with them.

Employing safety measures like condoms is the best way to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. It stands both of you in good stead by helping you in maintaining a healthy, clean and carefree sexual relationship with your partner.


Another good reason to opt for protected or safe sex is the relief from stress and peace of mind knowing that you are saved from any infection that is spread through contact with an infected sexual partner.

Take care of doubts

Having a little bit of doubt is helpful as you tend to be on the alert always and can detect any malicious attempt by your partner in the process of sex, such as pulling away from the condom during a penetrative sexual intercourse.

Be sober

safe sexTalking about safe sex, it is achieved to the optimum only if both the partners exhibit integrity, care, and concern and promise never to let their libido rule over their good sense. To sum up, even after taking all sorts of precautions, it is mandatory for every person to undergo medical screening to detect any sign of sexually transmitted infection. Today, these procedures have been simplified and confidential to encourage more people to come forward to undertake them. Therefore, if you keenly use protection during sex, you are likely to benefit in many ways as mentioned above.

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