If you are an ostomy person, you would prefer to comprehend which types of colostomy bags will suitably work best for you. Perhaps you prefer to wear bags that you may change and discharge instantly rather than a stoma bag you want to stay draining infrequently. This decision is continuously up to you on how to conceal your colostomy bag.

Thus, what is the disadvantages and advantages of the closed disposable bag, and do many ostomates choose (or otherwise) this species on the opposite?


Life has never been more satisfying for colostomy patients, particularly for those who live their lives on the fast lane. Unlike the archaic colostomy pouches of old, the active type disposable bags are leakproof, waterproof, and come in three sizes, small, midi (medium), and large.

Predisposing them as comfortable as the ostomy supplies arrive with odor-free Entry totes, with several softly scented. The moment you install your used bag in a single and tie it securely, you can withdraw it in the particular same bathroom bin practiced for sanitary wear disposal. Though some favored the drainable types, discover that there have been many instances when you have no alternative except to utilize a spade that has been shut.


They are expensive than re-usable colostomy bags because they are for one-time applicability. This typically means you’ll experience more loads and spend more cash on them weekly. Though a drainable container might be purchased for a few days before it would have to get cast away, you may need to utilize as many as 4 or 5 bags daily, sometimes more, depending upon your everyday diet.

However, you’ll discover that despite the shortcomings of managing closed pouches, there will be times when you won’t possess any alternative except to use them, yet a drainable bag enthusiast you are.